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Being cheated on hurts, that's a well-known relationship fact, especially when you trust and respect the person that got a bit loose. Whether you decided to stay together and you're looking for some revenge or it was just a step to far and now you're on the rebound, you've come to the right place. Register your details with Cheated On and Looking today and find the kind of casual, no strings attached sex that heals. Hundreds of adult men and women from across the UK are online and waiting for you right now.

Whatever you're in to, however damaged you are and whatever relationship crime you're seeking to revenge, you'll find exactly what you're looking for online, in the form of erotica and sex, by signing up with Cheated On and Looking. Free membership gives you unlimited searching access to hundreds of erotic profiles from across the UK and a chance to create your own jilted lover persona to attract the right kind of healing. What's more, there's no obligation to pay anything until you think you've found someone whose details you want to access. Revenge has never been sweeter or more sexy…

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